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Fruit treatment pool


Machine to treat the product by immersing it in hot or cold water.






• Stainless steel structure.
• Bypass to treat/not treat fruit.
• Roller conveyor to carry product out of the pool.
• High-flow pump for water recirculation and to drive paddles.
• Filters in the water recirculation system.
• Manual valve for pool emptying and cleaning.
• Side hatch for pool cleaning.
• Mechanical control of the pool level.
• Output conveyor speed control.
• Maximum width 2,000 mm

• Electrical control panel


• Wheel at the top (for no-bypass model).

• Box support stand.

• Width according to desired production.

• Water temperature control system with external boiler and internal heat exchanger.
• Output drenchers to rinse with clean water.

• Product treatment time control (water contact time).

• Automatic pool level control with a level probe and electrovalve for water input.
• Product carried on a modular plastic belt.
• Treatment with "waterfalls".